Psychodynamic Therapy in Liverpool Street & Online

What is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Psychodynamic therapy is a type of talking therapy that seeks to explore the impact of our unconscious thoughts and feelings on our everyday emotions and behaviour. Psychodynamic therapy looks at how unresolved conflicts from our past can present challenges for us in our everyday lives as we repeat unhealthy and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. By bringing these deep-rooted issues to light, Psychodynamic therapy can help us understand why we feel and behave the way we do and how we can break these unhelpful cycles.

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What can Psychodynamic Therapy help with?



  Relationship challenges

  Low self-esteem

  Unresolved trauma

  Grief and loss

  Emotional instability

  Identity and self-image struggles

  Difficulties with intimacy and trust



Is Psychodynamic Therapy right for me?

Psychodynamic Therapy could be an excellent choice if you're looking to explore the deeper roots of your emotional struggles and gain a more profound understanding of yourself. This approach is especially fitting for those who are open to self-reflection and committed to personal growth. I understand that everyone is unique and requires a personalised approach. If you're unsure about which therapy is best for your needs, please feel free to reach out. We can discuss your concerns and find the most suitable course of action together.

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Think Psychodynamic Therapy could be right for you?

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